Add WhatsApp Chat to Your WordPress Site in Easy steps

WhatsApp chat is now a very convenient way to contact your visitors and costumers.

Here I am talking about how to add WhatsApp chat option in your WordPress site.

After this, Your visitor or customer can contact you with WhatsApp chat on your phone and you reply directly.

So Lets start,

Add WhatsApp chat Button in Your WordPress site

For Install the Chat button you need to follow this Steps,

  1. Install the Plugin. For it goes to Your site Dashboard>Plugins>Add now.
  2. Now search for WhatsApp.
  3. You see Plugin name WA Me chat. Install it and Activate it.

Now this time to connect this plugin to your WhatsApp Account

So, Go to plugins>Installed Plugins>WA Me Chat and click on settings

After this you forward this page.

Add WhatsApp Chat to Your WordPress Site in Easy steps
Add WhatsApp chat on WordPress site

Now on this page ask for you basic details

Here Add your whatsApp number and save this settigs.

Done. Now your site shows WhatsApp chat option in you Homepage. You can check it.

When visitors or customers try to contact you simply click on those WhatsApp chat button and directly send messages to your phone.

Add WhatsApp Chat to Your WordPress Site in Easy steps

You can also reply from this and simply type your reply on that number.

Now move on to new Topic, Add a Notification dot in your site chat button

Add Notification dot on Chats

This type of notification borrow more conversation and more engagement.

Notification dot more attract your costumers about what is your product or services.

add whatsapp chat on you wordpress site

Example like you visit a cloth selling site and pop-up the massage that you site have a 25% sales on some products.

It convince visitor to scroll more stuff and increase the chances of buy.

So that let’s start,

  1. Go to Settings on your dashboard and click on WAme chat.
  2. Now, there an option name Call A Action feature.
  3. Here you type your message you want to display.
add whatsapp chat in your wordpress site

When visitor visit your site this massage you entered will display

But so pop-up message icon you need to enable this option call Notification Baloon

after all you set time when this popup shows. so set your chat delay time what you want set.

After Enable this option this shows red dot on your chat option and after clicking this it display your massage you want to show.

Now for your site’s desktop version, you need to enable the WhatsApp web feature in your plugins settings.

After this when visitor click on chat option they redirect to WhatsApp Web on their computer

After login they contact you with their pc.

This plugin provide you many option to share.

You can share Youtube videos, links, images, links, external frames, locations, and options to add code also.

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