Best of OTT Platforms in India[Case-study]

OTT earned Rs 1,200 crore last year from subscriptions alone. By 2024 this figure is 7400 cr. Will reach.

only Netflix having 18.1 cr. paid users in overall 190 countries.

Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Voot, Z5, and Sony Live are the major OTT platforms in India.

Due to the expansion of the internet and fast internet speed, the users of the country are changing the way they watch video content.

Future of OTT Platform [Case-study]

55% of people in the country watch TV shows, movies, sports, and other content on OTT (over the top) platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix. 41% of people use DTH (Direct to Home) platforms like Tata Sky, Dish TV to watch content.

A survey by the app distribution platform ‘Mo Magic‘ revealed this.

What Is OTT Platform?:

Future of OTT Platform [Case-study]

A system that allows you to watch TV and movie content without cable and from the high-speed internet of a satellite provider is called ‘Over the Top’ (OTT).

According to this survey, Hotstar is currently the most popular in India.

Future of OTT Platforms in India:

The expansion of the OTT medium is giving the DTH platform a good bump. The use of OTT medium is increasing due to the video content feature while traveling through mobile and anytime anywhere. The survey was conducted on 7500 users from June to August this year.

According to the survey,

What People like to watch on OTT Platform

What People like to watch on OTT Platform

85% of people viewed video content on the OTT platform at least 1 time in the last 6 months. 70% of people watched video content via mobile. 31% of people saw original and exclusive content, while 30% of people saw sports content. Among those surveyed, 19% watched movies, 18% TV, 45% comedy, 23% action, 19% drama, and 13% horror video content.

By the year 2023, the market for OTT in India will be Rs 3.60 lakh crore

Is OTT only Option,

After the lockdown and situation of coronavirus, the people want avoid in market also the theaters. for this the in the simple word the film makers and directors is be afraid to release movies on theaters.

Gulabu Sitabo is the first movie which globally released on OTT platform and not in Theaters.

According to film industries, for 2 hours film gets 9600 screens to release, However, when we talk about OTT then only Netflix having 18.1 cr. paid users in overall 190 countries.

OTT Platform

Amazon prime having access of more then 200 countries users.

from the Reports, The users on OTT platforms will increases very fast. in 2018 only 40cr. phones only support OTT and now in is more then 100cr.

How Much OTT Platform earn,

According to film trade expert Atul Mohan, the total revenue in Bollywood in 2019 was Rs 4,400 crore. 

How Much OTT Platform earn

According to statistical data, OTT platform subscription revenue in 2019 was Rs 1,200 crore. 

Which is increasing at a rate of 40 percent every year.  It is projected to reach Rs 7,400 crore by 2024.

Gulabo Sitabo collection,

Aaaa, it should not to call collection because the value and income is firstly paid by the OTT Platforms.

According to a trade analyst in the film industry, Gulab Sitabo, directed by Shujit Sarkar, has a budget of about Rs 25-30 crore. Amazon Prime pay 61 cr. for this film’s rights.

If this film was released on theater, it would have earn about Rs. 80 crore.

According to the big theater holder, R.K. Malhotra said that the 270 cr. tickets was sell on 2019.

Best OTT Platforms in India

This is now report according to OTT holders. Vibooly provided the information about whats popular on this Platforms.

Netflix Upcoming Webseries

How Much OTT Platform earn

According to report by Netflix, in last 2 years in India Netflix released 14 webseries and 18 films on OTT platform.

They will release more 10 films in passing years including star Jhanvi Kapoor and Gunjan Saxena. like this they will also release more 8 webseries in India.

Netflix is planning for investing around 3 thousand cr. in India for 2020.

It will released Anushka sharma’s named “Bulbul” series on 24 june.

Amazon Upcoming Webseries

amazon prime

Amazon recently relaeased Gulabu sitabo and ready to release Vidhya Balan’s “Shakuntala Devi” on 30 June.

In nearly time it planning to released more 7 Hindi and other language films in 2 mounths.

Hotstar Upcoming Webseries

In the report Hotstar will planing for Akshay Kumar’s ‘Lakxami Bomb’, ‘Sadak-2’, Ajay Devagan’s ‘Bhuj’ and Shushantsinh Rajput’s ‘Dil Bechara’ and Kriti senon’s ‘Mimi’.

If we talking about the average time expended on Ott Platform then,

Popular OTT Platforms in India

Popular OTT Platform

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