How To convert any document in PDF files on Android

There will be many of you who have already used PDF files on Android phones or computers. But do you know how to create a PDF file or convert any document in PDF? If not then in this article of today you will not only be told how to create a PDF file, but you will be provided complete information about what a PDF file is and how to open it.

convert Doc into pdf in mobile

Many people requested me to write a detailed article on this subject, while many of them had the question that they should also provide information about how to create a pdf file in mobile as well as a computer.

By the way, we use PDF files a lot in our everyday life, but very few people know about how to make them, how to edit them. So let’s start without delay and know about how PDF is created on mobile.

What is a PDF file –

A PDF file is called a file, as an extension of the file in which we get to see the .pdf file extension. A PDF is a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

The most common use of PDFs is for distributing read-only documents, in which the layout of a page can be preserved. They are used most commonly in documents such as user manuals, eBooks, application forms, and scanned documents, etc.

What is the full form of PDF?

Full-Form of PDF is Portable Document Format. A PDF is actually a file format and has a file extension .pdf. PDF has been developed by Adobe.

How to create a PDF file: (Online or Offline)

If you also want to know how to create a PDF file, then for your information, tell me that there are mainly two ways to create a PDF file.

convert any doc in pdf file on android
PDF = Portable Document file
  1. How to create an online PDF file
  2. How to Create Offline PDF File

At the same time, we will try to understand both ways well in this article.

How to make pdf online

To create an online PDF file, you will find a lot of online websites to use, in which you will have a variety of tools available to convert your files into PDF format or to create a new PDF file.

If you want to create an online PDF file, then you must have a document that you use to convert that file into a PDF file. In these online PDF Converter Sites, you will find many such tools that you can use according to your requirement.

Here I will tell you about a website to create a very good online PDF file, its name is iLovePDF. This is a very good and free website that you can use to convert documents in PDF for free or convert PDF files to any other document format.

  1. Identify the Format of your Document
    First of all, you have to see that the document you have is in which formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Image.
  2. Select the correct tools to create a PDF file
    Now you have to see all the tools on the website because it contains different tools that have different functions. Such as Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, Image to PDF, etc. So if you want to convert Word file to PDF then you have to use Word to PDF tool.
  3. Select the file and upload it online.
    Select the file you want to convert from your computer or mobile, and upload it by clicking on the Upload button.
  4. Convert File to PDF
    Once your file is uploaded, then you also have the option to start the converting process of that file. By clicking, you can convert the file to PDF.
  5. Download Final PDF File
    After converting the file, you will get a notification that your file has been converted completely. Now that your file has been completely converted, you can download that final PDF file on your computer or mobile.

There are many other online free PDF websites that you can use to make your file a PDF.

Top Online Websites from which you can create PDF file for free

Let us know about some such popular online websites that you can use to create a PDF file.

  1. Primopdf (
    You can use this site to create PDF files. This is a very popular free PDF creator. In just one click, you can convert any file to 100% industry-standard PDF.
  2. PdfOnline (
    This is another website in which you can convert any of your documents into PDF or any other format. The best thing is that you do not have to do registration in it either.
  3. Pdfpro (
    In this website, you get such PDF editor online tools that allow you to create, convert, and edit PDF documents online for free. Just upload your files and then start converting them to PDF.
  4. Freepdfconvert (
    With the help of this website, you can easily convert any file to PDF within a few seconds.

How to create offline pdf

Now let’s consider the method to create some Offline PDF File, with the help of which you can create any type of PDF. These are actually some software or apps that help you do this.

How to convert any document in PDF files in mobile

Now that most people have a SmartPhone, so let’s know how you can make a PDF file very easily using your mobile.

Here I have given information about some popular android apps which you can use to prepare PDF files. At the same time, in these apps, you also get other features such as highlight PDF, underline your PDF files, add notes to PDF files, etc.

1 . Foxit PDF Creator

Foxit PDF Creator is a very popular Android PDF Creator app that people use in general. This is a PDF creation app that easily converts Microsoft Office documents and other file formats to PDF.

You can also convert files from outside to upload them into PDF. With this, you can rename, delete, and manage PDF files, while you can also send them as email attachments.

These are some of the file formats that they support; Microsoft Office files: Word (Docx, Doc), Excel® (xlsx, xls), PowerPoint® (pptx, ppt) and: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIF, TXT, TIFF, RTF, JPEG.

2. PDF Maker

PDF maker is a very high rates PDF tool, which you can use in Android smartphones. In this, you can instantly create PDF files from your phone itself. With this, you can adjust character size, insert text, color the text, and delete the text.

3. PDF Creator

PDF Creator has been developed by Merqde. In this, if you have to create PDF documents, then users just have to type in the text and when you tap on the ‘Submit’ button, then it opens a new web page which will soon convert your file. Then you can download it in PDF.

How to create pdf file in computer

If you want to create a PDF file on a computer or laptop, then you will need such software that can do your kind of work. In this software, all you have to do is upload the files that you want to convert to PDF format. At the same time, you can also put facilities like Watermark and Lock inside these PDFs.

But one thing to note is that these softwares are either free or Paid. So before downloading these softwares, it is very important to know whether it is free or not.

If you too are looking for a PDF creator for yourself, which has a lot of great features, you need that for free, then check the best windows pdf software mentioned here once.

1. PDFelemant

It is placed at the top because it is also the top software. PDFelement allows you to edit, annotate, and create PDFs. There are many markups available that enable you to highlight, underline, and strikeout or add links, add bookmarks or customize headers and footers, as well as the option to customize documents.

2. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is an excellent free PDF creator. Through this, you can convert your files into many other file formats (text, image, PowerPoint, Word, and HTML).

3. Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is a free PDF creator. At the same time, you get a lot of ads in it. But it also provides you many features to convert and print your documents.

If you want, you can encrypt and sign on your PDF files or merge them into a single file.

4. Cute PDF

Cute PDF is a very reliable PDF creator. You can use edit files to manage or manage your images. You can also customize them to a great extent in it.

This application can be installed as a printer driver and at the same time, it also needs a PS2PDF converter to enable it only then it can be used. It provides very good features.

5. 7-PDF Maker

7-PDF Maker is a free PDF creator that helps you to create high-quality PDF files. This software supports many different file formats such as Word, Excel, Images, PowerPoint, eBooks, etc. and also converts them into PDF files.

How to Open PDF File in Mobile?

At the same time, if you want to open a PDF file on your mobile, then you have to use the same Android Apps, which I have already mentioned about it. Please read them once.

what did you learn today

I hope you have liked this article on how to create a PDF file. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information to the readers about how to make PDFs so that they do not have to search on other sites or the internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments.

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