Download Avatar Movie in Hindi with English subtitle Blu-ray FHD and HD quality with MEGA drive.   

The story of ‘Avatar’ was conceived by James Cameron years ago, but he could not present it on screen for a long time because the technology was not advanced. He waited for years and when technology supported him, he made ‘Avatar’.

Avatar (2009)movie in Hindi FHD Download

Avatar (2009)

1080p FHD Download Avatar (2009)movie In Hindi Dual Audio {1 GB}

IMDT Rating: 7.8/10

Awards: 3 Oscar, 86 other wins

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy  

Release Date: 18 December 2009

Director: James Cameron 
Actors: Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana

The story of ‘Avatar’ is very simple and you can even guess what is going to happen next. But how it will happen and the visual effects of the film make this film special. A world is shown, which thrills the imagination.

Language: Hindi DD5.1 + English
Quality: 720p BluRay
Size: 1.5GB
Movie Resolution: 1280*720
Subtitle: English
Format: Mkv

Our Opinion :This story is from the year 2154. A few light years away from Earth is a planet called Pandora. The intentions of the Earthlings are not noble. They want to gather some information from Pandora, build a colony on it as well as take away the valuable wealth there, but they have local residents obstructing their path, which they call ‘Blue Monkey’. By the way, they are called Naavi and humans consider them backward than themselves

Story in Few Words :

Jack Sully (Sam Worthington) is also part of the Avatar program. In this program, Jack has replaced his twin brother because his brother has died. The DNA of man and sailor is made of a body called an avatar. It can be controlled remotely by going into deep sleep.


Jack Sully’s avatar gets entangled among the residents of Pandora, but he befriends them to gather information. There, he falls in love and sees their world with their eyes. But when he discovers the dangerous intentions of humans, he fights on their behalf and saves Pandora.

The imagination that James Cameron created to tell this story is amazing. Miraculous trees, flying giant dragons, thick forests, mountains, strange insects, freaks and birds, the mighty wild dogs, astound the powerful blue dwellers of Pandora. The film also gives a glimpse of what type of airplanes and weapons humans will have in 2154.

The climax of the film is tremendous when the two sides fight. It is filmed beautifully and action lovers are thrilled to see it. The film’s story is against war and speaks of peace. The message of winning the hearts of people through mutual trust and love has also been given through this film.

James Cameron is undoubtedly the hero of this film. He has taken care of small things and has properly expanded every character. He has kept a balance of visual effects, story and action and has not allowed the technique to dominate the film. Usually in expensive films, the director does not have the courage to cut his scenes, so this film is also a bit long.

Reason For Download Avatar

Technically, the film is excellent. Photography, special / visual effects, costume design, editing is excellent. The use of light and shade makes the film beautiful. The film uses the most cutting-edge version of CGI (Computer Generated Image), which further enhances the quality of the film’s graphics.

All actors including Sam Worthington, Seignory Weaver, Stephen Lang, Zoe Saldana have performed well.

Avatar can be seen to see a unique world.


download Download Avatar (2009)movie In Hindi Dual Audio {1 GB}

Avatar (2009)movie in Hindi FHD Download
Avatar (2009)movie in Hindi FHD Download

Avatar (2009)movie in Hindi FHD Download

Download Avatar in HD 720p

Download Avatar in FHD 1080p

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