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Interstellar is directed by Hollywood director Christopher Nolan. The film stars Oscar Award winners Matthew McNaugh and Annie Hathway in lead roles. Unfortunately Interstellar in Hindi is Not available. 

interstellar full movie in hindi subtitle


1080p FHD Download Interstellar in Hindi Subtitle By Worldfree4u

IMDT Rating: 8.6/10

Awards: 1 Oscar, 42 other wins, 147 Nominees 

Genre: Action, Adventure, Family 

Release Date: 20 July 2017

Director: Christopher Nolan
Actors: Matthew McNaugh, Annie Hathway,  Jessica Chastain

Christopher Nolan makes such films, which no one can forget, his thinking of making films and the idea of putting the story on the big screen is very different and heart-wrenching. Whether it was Memento, Batman, or Inception, all these films had a thunderous applause from theaters.

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Our Opinion : Interstellar is one of them who make your mind crazy. The concept of interstellar film was quite different from every other science fiction film. It featured everything from space adventure to time travel. That too at a different time.

However, things related to many types of concepts and mathematics can be a bit overwhelming in the film. Nolan has always maintained his dark touch in the film which was also seen in his films The Prestige and Momento. The VFX of the film is awesome.

While watching a film about three-and-a-quarter hours, it seems that we are not only looking at some pictures, but the whole film gives a feeling that we are on a long journey and a lot is happening in this journey. After watching the film, finally comes to mind that Christopher Nolan is the blockbuster king.

Story in Few Words :

No one had seen a film like Interstellar till date. The story of this film is very unique and tremendous. In the future, mankind faces a problem that causes NASA X pilot Joseph Cooper (Played by Matthew McConaughey) to go through a wormhole seen in the solar system to find a new world. Where mankind can live life. In this mission, Amelia Brand (Played by Anne Hathaway) and her team of scientists embark on a journey to explore other worlds in space.

How To Download Interstellar in Hindi Subtitle

The story of Interstellar is as unique and interesting as it is the CGI of this film, more than one CGI effects have been used which are very amazing whether it is a spacecraft passing through a wormhole or filled with water. There are huge waves that rise in the planet. Nolan has shot each scene very closely. Not only this, which can make anyone’s hair stand, there are very deep emotional scenes in some places in Interstellar. Anyone can see tears in their eyes. In the case of acting too, every character has played his role quite well.

Christopher Nolan’s hard work is reflected in this film. This is a wonderful film that science fiction movie lovers must see. You will not feel bored at all by watching this 3 hour long film. I think everyone must watch Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Movie once. But this film is not available in Hindi language. You have to see it in English language only.


download Download Interstellar in Hindi Subtitle By Worldfree4u

interstellar full movie in hindi subtitle
interstellar full movie in hindi subtitle
interstellar full movie in hindi subtitle

interstellar full movie in hindi subtitle

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