Another new scam (fraud) case has come up on WhatsApp, in which an account pretending to be the official communication source of the WhatsApp technology team is asking users to share their verification code. 

WhatsApp Hacked and Your Data is in Danger
WhatsApp Hacked

It uses WhatsApp logo as a profile picture to show fake account users the truth of the account. While we tell you that WhatsApp teams do not use the messaging app to communicate with the users. 

Instead, social media channels are used by the team, including Twitter or the company’s official blogs, which post public announcements.

WABetaInfo, a blog tracking the features of WhatsApp, posted a tweet highlighting the latest scam, after which a Twitter user Dario Navarro inquired about the scam message that users received. 

According to the screenshot shared by Navarro, the scammer sends a message in Spanish and asks users for a six-digit verification code to be used for account verification on their phones, which the users receive via SMS.

Explain that the verification code is used to activate the WhatsApp account on the new device, which users get via SMS on their phone. The purpose of this security code is to protect users’ account on messaging app from bad factors.

As we told you that these scammers put WhatsApp logo as a profile picture in their account, so that other users will get this account like the official account and they get into the scam of the scammer. 

However, as stated by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp does not contact its users through the app and if the company contacts the user under any circumstances, the official account name will also include a green verified mark, Which is an indication of his official account. 

It is also important to note that the Facebook-owned company does not ask users for any data related to their data, including verification codes.

So it is clear that the account and message seen in the screenshot is nothing but a scam. You should not pay attention to any such message.

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