Merchant Navy is a very good choice for you if you love the sea and travel across the world. The Navy has good money and a fantastic career.

So, How to join in Merchant Navy what’s process for to apply.

Let’s Start,


What is Merchant Navy:

First of all, Understand that merchant navy is different from Indian Navy.

The Merchant has to work in commercial ships. However, they are both government and private.

What is Eligibility for Job in Merchant Navy:

In the job in Merchant Navy, you can go from class 10 to Different qualifications are sought for different posts.

After the tenth, you can have a diploma in this job in which you can do courses like pre-sea training for personal, engine rating, salon rating, and then go here.

Then, if you want to go after the 12th, you can do a course of nautical science, marine engineering.

In addition, if you want to go after graduation, you will have to bring at least fifty percent marks during graduation. In addition, you should not be more than 28 years old and the biggest thing is that you should be unmarried.

Merchant Navy Recruitment:

There are many job available in merchant navy.

Everyone who goes to the Merchant Navy is not a pilot, but there are other posts that have to be worked out.


You can join as a,

radio officer: whose job is to get information to the employees through radio through the entire ship.

Electrical officer: Gives the work of your ship’s power, electrical room care, etc.

Nautical surveyor: you have to work on a map that gives direction to the ship. The ship has to be controlled.


When you go to the post of the pilot of the ship, you have to give a hint about the direction and path of the ship.

Vice-captain: You have to assist the captain of the ship and take care of the deck staff. The biggest is the captain who looks at all the kamo of the ship and orders everyone.

That means you can go to these places in the Merchant Navy.

Navy Universities In India:

There are many institutions which conduct the Merchant Navy course.

This Includes,

  1. Samundra Institute of Maritime, Mumbai
  2. Training ship Chanakya, Mumbai
  3. Indian Maritime University, Chennai
  4. Coimbatore Marine College, Coimbatore
  5. Maritime Foundation, Channai
  6. Maharashtra Academy Of Naval Education & Training, Pune

There are many institutions, but this is mainly a good course. The Merchant Navy course is in both government and private institutions.

The government colleges have a fee of rs 1.5 lakh a year, and the same private colleges have a fee of about Rs 3 lakh a year.

Medical Fitness Test For Joining:

As in Police officer training, they should give medical test, in Merchant navy you also have to give a medical test of mental and Physical fitness.

Your fitness should be better to go to the Merchant Navy. It is good to have your eyes and your weight is not high. In addition, you are not a disease of homes case.

How much salary do a Navy officers have?

As all department decided a salary of particular officers depend on their experience and type, In the Merchant Navy has a different salary for different posts. The captain receives a higher salary compared to others in the department.


A higher salary is 3 lakhs per mount so 36 lakhs annual. this number should be much higher or should quite lower depend on which post you have and which company you join.

As we discus ago, the Merchant navy should be Privet or government.

The Merchant Navy has emerged as an emerging carrier in today’s time. You also get an adventure. There is a chance to go to different countries so that you have more experience.


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