Subway – Success to Failure

Subway a name that all people know and may be visited once.

Subway Restaurants may be compare to today’s Dominos and pizza hut.

Many people try to make it a success but it faces failures. There are many people of staff try to keep it grow but not a success. So lets find the Subway Success story

So, what is reason behind the Failure of SUBWAY?

Subway restaurants reason of failure
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Let us know how the journey of Subway from the beginning to the end is how a boy gave a small sandwich shop a brand.

Subway’s journey

Today, Subway, known as the largest restaurant chain in the world, was born about 53 years ago by a man named Fred Deluca. Yes, it was Fred who laid the foundation of the subway.

Fred was not born into a wealthy family, he did not have enough money to bear his expenses. But in spite of such difficult situations, with his millions of efforts and positive thinking.

he has built more than 45000 franchised restaurants.

Fred started making sandwiches from a small shop for the first time of his life.

In fact, Fred wanted to become an excellent doctor since childhood but due to financial constraints, he could not do so because a lot of money was needed to get a medical education which Fred did not have.

Seeing Fred struggling with money, a close friend of his, Peter, gave him a thousand dollars and advised him to open a small shop.

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So that Fred could earn some money and complete his college studies.

But for some time Fred felt it appropriate to distance himself from education and he put his childhood dream on hold for some time.

First sandwiches made by Fred here

In fact, investing a thousand dollars from Peter, he decided to open a restaurant where he could sell good and cheap fast food.

With this strong intention, he opened a sandwich store on 28 August 1965, which he named “Peter Super Submarine”.

But for some reason, Fred had to change the name of his store because the name of that restaurant closely matched that of a “Pizza Marine”.

Subways Success Reason

After a few months, Fred analyzed that his store had been damaged, and despite this failure, he did not close the store but opened another restaurant. Fred spent a long time with this restaurant.

Fred got first success, second restaurant

The results of the second restaurant opened by Fred were not very good but were enough to encourage him. Fred only gained $ 6 from this restaurant.

Fred’s third successful restaurant, named Subway (SUBWAY)

Fred’s lofty hoses were not taking a pause, so he opened a third restaurant in 1968 named Subway – Subway.

The initial results of this restaurant were seen moving towards success. The first money Fred earned from the subway was seven thousand dollars. Fred started the franchise of Subway keeping in mind a good profit.

Now Subway was gaining popularity by the people. After this Fred did not look back and by the year 1978 Subway opened around 100 stores. This figure kept increasing gradually and by 1987 the number reached one thousand.

Subway Branch in India

The first glimpse of Fred’s successful efforts was seen in India in 2001, after he spread the globe. Talking about the present, now about 591 subway restaurants have opened in 68 small big cities of India.

Fred completed his studies – Fred Deluca Education
Subway earnings were now on the seventh sky. Fred had no need to study but fulfilled his dream of going to college in 2002. Fred completed his graduation from a university called Bride Port.

Currently CEO of Subway

Fred could not spend a long time living on the subway. He died in 2015 due to a disease called leukemia after which his sister took over Subway and is currently the CEO of Sunain Subway.

The reason for Fred’s success is his passion for work and his friend Peter. Fred unites day and night to bring the subway to this point. As a result, Subway is the largest restaurant chain in the world today.

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