Top 6 MIUI 12 Features That beat Competitors

The MIUI will start rolling out from June 12, the latest version of Xiaomi’s Android user interface, which was introduced in the global market on May 19. This latest version will bring new features and improvements in Xiaomi’s Mi and Redmi smartphones.

Top 6 MIUI 12 Features
Top 6 MIUI 12 Features

Xiaomi has said in its blog post that privacy and protection are the most important in MIUI 12. Users will also get ‘Innovative System Animation‘ etc. with new UI design. So let’s take a look at what new features are going to be available with MIUI 12 in June.

Top MIUI 12 Features

Reinforced privacy protection

Top 6 MIUI 12 Features That beat Competitors

According to the Xiaomi blog post, users with MIUI 12 will be able to better control the permissions required for the app function. Many new options have been added to the individual app permissions, such as getting some permissions “while using the app” or notifying the user when an app uses another service.

It also includes asking for permission to access the camera, microphone, call history, contacts, calendar, and storage in the “While using the app” mode. In addition, location and metadata can also be removed while sharing photos.

Design and animations

Xiaomi has stated that it has redesigned the UI design for MIUI 12 and refreshed system-wide animations. It has used the Render Engine to make the application switching smooth and every screen is more ‘informative and comprehensible’.

Xiaomi further said that the data becomes more intuitive when given in graphics. Visualization saves time and makes interaction with mobile more intuitive.

The MIUI 12 will bring more simplified interfaces and new navigation gestures. In addition, it includes Super Live wallpapers, which features Earth and Mars.


Multi-tasking has been improved by adding floating windows to MIUI 12. Using full gesture navigation, users will be able to open and use other apps with the help of floating windows.

For example, if you are watching a video or playing a game, during which you get a message, then this message will open in a small window through the floating window and you can close it immediately by replying. That too without stopping the video and game.

Ultra Battery Saver

Top 6 MIUI 12 Features That beat Competitors

Another feature has been added to MIUI 12 which Xiaomi has named Ultra-Battery Saver. As the name suggests, this feature reduces the battery consumption of the smartphone.

Yes, the battery consumption of your phone is reduced through this feature, without affecting the calls, messages, and network connectivity.

This reduces battery consumption by extending the standby time of the phone, due to which you will get more battery life even in low battery.

App Drawer

With the help of this feature of MIUI 12, users will have the option to turn on the App Drawer, with which they can free up their screen space and collect installed apps in one place.

Xiaomi says that the App Drawer will come in Poco smartphone via Poco Launcher.

Dark Mode

MIUI 12 will feature enhanced dark mode, which will convert backgrounds, system apps, and third-party apps to dark themes.

MIUI Wallpapers

Apart from this, it will also give the user the option to choose the ambient light that matches the contrast. Xiaomi says that dark mode reduces battery consumption and also provides comfort to the eyes.

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