Who is Binod and Why Binod viral Now

Who is Binod

The original name of Binod is Binod Tharu. He also has a YouTube account that does not have any videos.

If his activity is noticed on YouTube then you will know that he simply watches the videos of others on YouTube and together goes to his Comment section and comments only his name. Which is “Binod”.

Why Binod viral on the Internet

Recently a YouTube channel “Slayy Point” made a funny video, in which he joked about meaningless YouTube comments, while in the video he also gave his comment on this comment ‘Binod’, that’s it. But people continued to write comments and make memes. Due to which this “Binod” soon went viral on the internet.

who is binod

When things went a bit viral, then big brands also used this trend fiercely and as a result, you started seeing only Binod everywhere.

I found this a really interesting story. I think that even Binod Tharu Ji would not have expected that these unnecessary comments would be making so much noise on the internet today.

Do you know who this Binod is and why it is becoming so viral everywhere on the Internet. Truly Twitter is a very unique place. A platform in which you do not even know till the end that something is ultimately viral. Take Binod for example.

Recently, Binod’s memes had really spread throughout the Internet, and still, these trends appear in many tags. Many big brands such as Netflix, Swiggy, Tinder, Paytm, Amazon Prime Video, Airtel, and Disney + Hotstar also included themselves. Not only this, but many police departments also took advantage of this opportunity fiercely.

binod on paytm

So recently, you might have seen only funny and Sarcastic memes of Binod Memes in place on the internet. There will be many among you who have not even been aware of who all this is or who Binod is and how its ‘Binod’ memes or hashtag #binodmemes became so trending in the end. So, in today’s post, we also provide a solution to your problem.

What is Binod Memes?

Binod memes are similar to other memes but new comedy and Sarcastic memes have been made with the name of Binod Tharu. Within a few days, #binod memes have taken over the entire internet.

In truth, these binod memes are just like common memes but due to their being viral, they are seen more in everyone’s eyes.

What was that comment of Binod that became so viral?

Like I had already told that a video of a famous YouTube channel Slayy Point became very viral.

Slayy Point is a youtube channel run by two people Abhyudaya and Gautami. In one of his videos, titled ‘Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD). In this video, he had provided his comment on the unnecessary comments of Indians, which he often gives in YouTube videos of others.

While Binod wrote a comment of his own name in a video, the most surprising thing is that 7 people had likes on that comment itself. This shows how free people are sitting and they do not even realize right or wrong. By doing just this, everyone started making memes of Binod.

Memers started making meme on all questions and on all situations. Even Mumbai Police has made memes on it.

About Binod Virus Spread

There is a rumor about Binod Virus Spread, in which some YouTubers started spreading that Binod has been infected with Coronavirus. He is suffering from the corona. There is no precise information on this matter.

In which Video does Pewdiepie get Scammed by Binod?

It is also completely rumored that Pewdiepie scam has been done by Binod, you will definitely get to see some such videos on the Internet or YouTube in which Pewdiepie game will be seen playing. There is no truth in this matter.

When will Binod trend end?

Yes, Binod Trend is also going to end soon. Like other trends, Binod Trend has an age, when a new trend starts going viral, then Binod Trend will begin to end on its own.

Since big brands and polices departments have posted on this topic, this #binod #binodmeme had become much more trending in a very short time.

Who is Binod?

The original name of Binod is Binod Tharu. He also has a YouTube account that does not have any videos.

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Who IS Binod

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